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The Vest Air-Mesh Harness from Curli is a light-weight, breathable and comfortable harness and is designed for small to medium-sized dogs.


To keep your dog cool in summer, you can submerge the harness in water. It is easy for your dog to step through the two holes at the front, and you can then adjust the harness in size using the Velcro straps to create a snug fit. The plastic clasp ensures that the harness is secure. For more information about putting on the harness, watch the video. The Curli Vest Air-Mesh Harness is equipped with a DogFinder.


Every Curli Vest Air-Mesh Harness is equipped with a unique code, the so-called DogFinder. You can find this code near the dog's neck on the right-hand side of the harness. Once you have registered on the My Curli website, you can use this code to find your lost dog. It is possible to register several harnesses for one dog or several dogs to one owner. People who have found a dog with a DogFinder can report this on the same website. 


Please note: The DogFinder is not a chip that allows you to track your dog remotely. It is a number combination that only works when you have registered through My Curli. Is your dog missing? Log in to the My Curli site. Here you will find the "... is missing" button. By clicking this button, your missing dog will come up on the My Curli map and all registered dog owners will be sent a message. Your dog's information is also published on Facebook. My Curly will never publish personal details on any of its sites.


Key features

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Washable (hand wash or in a wash bag)
  • Cooling effect when it has been submerged in water
  • Available in 7 sizes and various colours
  • Reflective stripes for extra safety in the dark
  • Two light-weight D-rings to attach a lead
  • Cross-stitched nylon straps for distribute pressure and protect from neck injuries

Air-Mesh Vest Harness by Curli

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