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Cat Grooming

Below is a list of dog grooming services Hill Top Dogs provides. If you have any special requirements, please get in touch.

On your first visit to Hill Top Dogs, I would like to get to know a little about your cat and your requirements for their groom. I will spend a short time discussing with you exactly what you would like, any health issues your cat may have, or if they are nervous about particular things, to ensure I can give your cat the best treatment and cause them as little stress as possible during their groom.

Grooming your cat is essential for their wellbeing and comfort, to keep their coats and skin in top condition, matt free and to make sure they are lovely and glossy. I offer 1-1 grooming only so your cat will not be rushed through their groom.

Please be aware a full cat groom will depend on what your cat needs doing and on the factors below. There will be no other animals present when your cat is being groomed to ensure a stress free environment.

Cat grooming is all based around what your cat will tolerate and allow me to do, I will always go at their pace. If your cat needs grooming over 2 sessions to prevent any stress, or negative associations with being groomed, or that they are older then this is what I will do.

My pricing for cats are all from and there are many factors which determine the level of work and time that it will take to groom them. The price of the groom will always be agreed before I start, but I cannot give an exact price over the phone or message as I will need to assess each cat individually. These factors include but are not limited to; size/breed of your cat, coat condition, thickness and length of the coat and cat’s behaviour.

Consent forms are required to be signed on your first visit. For any cats that have severe matting and require large areas shaving down, I will also require a consent form to be signed. To ensure you and your cat are getting the best service possible, I will keep a record of any work carried out for future visits.

My Full Cat Groom Include:

 – Consultation before grooming

 – Dry foam bath

 – Full brush out and deshed

 – Matt removal (with comb or clipping)

 – Eyes and Ears cleansed

 – Trimming and clipping as required

 – Coat conditioning treatment

 – Claw trimming (complimentary if needed and can be done safely for your cat and myself only)

If you wish to add a wet bath and hand blow dry onto your groom please add on £25 to the below costs. (Wet bathing only available to cats used to this regularly or from a kitten)

Personalised cat grooming packages other than a full groom are available on request and priced individually. E.g. Express groom out and nail clip only or Matt removal only (not including a brush out etc)

My Pricing Is As Follows For A Full Groom

(All below pricing is a starting price and depends on your cats breed,

size, fur type, condition of fur and temperament.)

Kitten groom (under 6 months) – starting from £35

This includes: Claw trimming, face, ears and eye cleanse, ½ hour comb out, sanitary trim (if required) this is great to get your cats used to the grooming salon experience from a young age.

Short haired cats – starting from £45
Long haired cats – starting from £55
Maine coons – starting from £65

Claw Trimming

Pawdicure only (nail clip) – £15

Pawdicure + Defluffed pads (nail clip & shave of the underneath of pads to remove excess fur) – £20

Pawdicure Kitty Spa Package – (all of the above + paw scrub and paw balm) – £25 or £20 (if no need to defluff pads)

Kitty Spa Package

Available to add onto any full groom or pawdicure for £5 🐱

An oatmeal paw scrub with a soft silicone brush head, which will cleanse, soothe and nourish your cats little paws and protect against allergens and bacteria. Finished off with a colloidal oatmeal and coconut oil paw balm which will soften, enrich and protect their little beans.

Colloidal oatmeal is a fantastic ingredient to help reduce skin irritation and redness and has amazing anti inflammatory properties 🤩

Lion Clip

This is for particularly good for very matted cats, or cats that need clipping short due to hygiene problems. The whole body is clipped short, leaving some of the tail on the end, a rounded head, or partial mane on the neck and chest depending on preference of the owner, or what is best for the cat and boots on their legs.

It is best to have a cat bathed when having a Lion Clip due to the oil in their skin leaving a very greasy residue on their fur when clipped off. But if the cat does not like a bath and it will stress them out too much, or they will not tolerate it due to age or health related issues, then we can go over their skin and fur with a dry foam shampoo and moisturising treatment. (But please note this will not leave the finish that a wet bath will)

– Consultation before grooming
– Dry Foam Bath or Wet Bath
– Lion Clip (to preference)
– Eyes & Ears Cleaned
– Brush Out (of remaining fur)
– Scissoring
– Coat Conditioning Treatment
– Claw Trimming (complimentary if needed and can be done safely for your cat and myself only)

Prices For A Lion Clip

– From £65 (dry bath only)
– From £80 (including a wet bath)

Teddy Clip

For owners who want an easy maintained length coat, not as severe as a lion clip to the skin, the fur will be the same length all over.

Please note, for lion clips and teddy clips your cat will need to tolerate being handled well due to using blades close to the skin.

– From £65 (dry bath only)
– From £80 (wet bath)

Grooming Prices:  Please note: the prices shown above are as a guide only. Cats with difficult behaviour or very thick or matted coats, will need more attention and will incur an additional charge of up to £40 on top of the groom. This will be discussed with you at the time.

A pelted coat (lots of matts joined up to form one piece) will be up to £60 extra on top of the groom price.

For the safety of your cat as well as mine, Hill Top Dogs reserves the right to stop a groom at anytime if there is a reason to believe that your cat is a threat to itself or me. The full groom will still be payable due to me being a 1-1 groomer and specifically booking a time slot out for your cat. If you know your cat is aggressive or doesn’t like being groomed, please be honest and inform me of this, if you still would like to bring your cat to be groomed to see how they get on with it and if you do not wish to take them to the vets, then please be aware of the above policy.

Please contact me to discuss your cats requirements and I can go through everything fully with you.

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Cat Lying

What Our Clients Say

Caroline W. - Ipstones

"Very rarely do we come across someone who is so patient and experienced.  Jenny's greater understanding of animals is truly unique!  I hope that many local dog owners share this wonderful, refreshing experience!"
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