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These chewy insect-based dental sticks contain the perfect blend of teeth cleaning and nerve calming properties. Guaranteed to keep teeth pawly white and anxiety out of sight. 


- Ideal everyday dental chew for medium and large adult breeds. 

- Made with insect-protein, a novel protein source suited to dogs with meat-related allergies

- Contains chamomile and hemp to relieve anxiety and stress and to soothe and calm nerves

- The lattice shape maximises contact with the tooth whilst the peppermint freshens breath


Length: 12cm
Diameter: 2cm

Clean Teeth & Chill (Large)

Price Options
One-time purchase
Every 2 Weeks
Save 10%
£6.08every 2 weeks until canceled
Every 3 Weeks
Save 10%
£6.08every 3 weeks until canceled
Every 4 Weeks
Save 10%
£6.08every 4 weeks until canceled
Every 5 Weeks
Save 10%
£6.08every 5 weeks until canceled
Every 6 Weeks
Save 10%
£6.08every 6 weeks until canceled
Every 7 Weeks
Save 10%
£6.08every 7 weeks until canceled
  • HEMP

    Relieves anxiety, stress and nervousness


    Soothes and calms nervous doggos whilst improving sleep quality. Zzz...


    For the freshest breath on the block.


    Bursting with antioxidants and providing that daily detox goodness. Also a great source of fibre and vitamin C and K!


    Vitamin rich and neutralises free radicals. You know what they say, an apple a day keeps the vet away.


    As a novel source of protein, insect meal is hypoallergenic for our pets, which is great news for sensitive tummies and itchy skin. It’s a great alternative for dogs that suffer from meat-related allergies. It’s also rich in omegas and healthy fats, which support soft skin and shiny coats.

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