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Our Cat Treat Selection Box features a range of high-quality, natural treats made with real meat, fish, and other wholesome ingredients.


The box includes a variety of proteins such as chicken, salmon, and turkey, as well as different textures and flavors to keep your cats interested and satisfied. These treats are packed with essential nutrients to support your cat's overall health and well-being, and also provide mental stimulation through the variety of textures and tastes.


Treat your feline friends to a delicious and nutritious selection of goodies with our Cat Treat Selection Box, guaranteed to make them purr with delight.


It may take your cat a while to get used to the natural treats as they are very different to store bought treats in terms of texture, size, flavour and taste, but I always find perseverance is key with cats, as we all know they have a mind of their own. If you have particularly fussy cats, it may take a few attempts, but if you have cats that will eat anything, I am sure they will be straight in the box for a nosey.


Everything in the box can be cut down into smaller pieces if your cat prefers this, but they are also fine to be given whole. 


 Box Contains :-


  • 50g Dried Sprats 
  • Squid Skins
  • 50g Dried Anchovies 
  • 2 x Beef Spaghetti 
  • 2 x Rabbit ear with Fur 
  • 100g of Chicken & Cheese Gourmet Slices
  • 1 x Cod Skin Roll
  • 2 x Beef Udder "Milky Sticks"
  • 1 x Fish Twist 
  • 1 x Fish Skin Strip 
  • 2 x Chicken Foot 
  • 100ml Scottish Salmon Oil (1/4 - 1/2 a teaspoon daily on food) 


 Always supervise your pet with their chews, ensure clean, fresh water is available and please let us know if there is anything specific in the box your cat cannot eat or does not like and we can substitute it with an additional item or more of the same item. Always be mindful of the size, shape and appropriateness for your cat and ensure any broken off bits that could be a choking hazard are removed. Treats are given alongside a healthy balanced diet and should be substituted accordingly depending on weight, size and breed of your pet. 

Cat Treat Selection Box

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