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Puppy Package

Introducing the Hill Top Puppy Package!


If you have welcomed a new puppy into your family recently, consider signing up for our Puppy Package! Puppies can sometimes be wary of new environments, and a grooming salon will certainly be unfamiliar to them. The sights, sounds and smells your pup will experience during a standard groom can be overwhelming to a puppy, and lead to an aversion to the process as an adult if not managed in a compassionate and patient way. We help take your pup through a gentle familiarisation of the grooming environment over four fortnightly sessions.  Together, we will support your pup so grooming is a thing to be enjoyed, rather than afraid of.


Simply put, puppies are brand new. Grooming salons can be noisy, busy places sometimes, and while adult dogs are used to it, your puppy may be experiencing a number of different sights, sounds, smells and sensations – all for the first time.

So our Puppy Package is all about gentle exposure to these new experiences:

  • The sights, smells and sounds of other animals in the salon

  •  The sensation of water on their bodies

  •  The experience of having their feet and ears touched by a new person

  •  Desensitisation

We don’t want your puppy to be afraid of us (because we’re lovely) so our gentle familiarisation package guides them tenderly through it, building new experiences on at each visit.


Your puppy’s welcome to Hill Top Dogs! Starting off with a sniff and socialise period to get them used to our grooming environment. Remaining in the reception area and with you throughout, we will gently handle your pup’s feet, ears, teeth and tail to desensitise and familiarise them with being handled, and heap them with positive reinforcement and praise. At the same time we will chat with you about your pup’s breeds and needs from a groom.

This time, your puppy gets a bath! With a view to familiarising them to the sensation of water on their body, and especially around their face and ears, this also helps your pup get used to the bathing tools we use, including our gentle dryer. This is a great experience for all young dogs, not just those that need regular grooming, because having a bath is a universal requirement!

A combination of visits 1 and 2, but this time we introduce a brush and trim if required. But we also include lots of desensitising playtime to include playing with their paws, opening their ears and stroking their tail. These are movements that dogs are not naturally accustomed to but need to get used to in order to tolerate typical grooming appointments.

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